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Customer Services

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Customer Services

The service organisation of EUROATLAS is based on the principle that service engineers shall be able to solve directly all possible problems/faults concerning our systems which are mostly mounted on board of military vessels.

Nearly all EUROATLAS equipments will be developed on particular customer’s specification and delivered far away abroad. This means that the service engineers shall have the requested know-how and experience that can only be accomplished by having been previously involved in the product realization processes. Our service engineers are part of the test department and perform the controls and tests of all the parts and sub-assemblies of the equipments. Moreover, they participate to the first article tests together with the development engineers, including the qualification activities, as far as required in the single contract. They perform also the set to work on board and of course the repairs.

In other words all engineers - of the test department have also the qualification of service engineers. They all have significant working experience with the entire power product range installed on surface vessels and submarines.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, EUROATLAS has only two service partners in the world, i.e. companies that perform service visits on our behalf: the first in Australia, because of the distance and due to offset clause of the contact, and one in U.K. for commercial STSs, due to the 24h-readiness clause for the repairs.

Moreover, two EUROATLAS service engineers are qualified for performing trainings for the customers - in collaboration with the ILS department - on operation, repair and maintenance of the delivered equipments.


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