Applications for Air

Applications for Air

EUROATLAS has been a competent and reliable partner for the design and production of power conversion products for the aerospace industry for many decades. Power conversion products, such as AC to DC converters, frequency converters, and DC to AC inverters are major components in almost every aircraft today. All power supplies currently in production have passed flight certification, and through the years have achieved a solid reputation for high quality.

The airborne product line includes a series of Transformer Rectifier Units - TRU`s - ranging from 20 to 300 A for the MRCA “TORNADO”, the Swedish fighter JAS 39 “GRIPEN”, the TIGER helicopter, and others. The purpose is to convert the aircraft’s prime power source of 115 V, 3 phases, 400 Hz to 28 VDC power. The TRU’s have been developed for extreme environmental conditions, minimum space and weight requirements, and maximum reliability.

We can offer a wide range of solutions for military and commercial aircraft, from the largest Mobile Ground Power Supply to the smallest Lighting Converter. Whatever the product, we provide support from the design stage, to the qualification process, and in-service use.


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