AC/AC Converter

    For Airborne Applications

    These mini frequency converter units convert the primary AC power of aircraft from 115 Volt, 360-800 Hz to 115 and 230 Volt, 60 Hz. They are located in the Lavatory, the Cabin, and the Crew Rest Areas. Depending on the application, the unit is available without an enclosure as Models 4056 & 4074. 115 Volt and 230 Volt supplies are available alternatively at the nine pole D-Sub (Pin) receptacle. The EMI filtering complies with RTCA/DO 160.

    Since they require no forced air and operate with ordinary convection cooling, they are absolutely maintenance-free. The Converters are overload capable and short-circuit protected, and have been qualified in accordance with latest AIRBUS-standards for interior equipment, mainly based on RTCA/DO 160.


    10VA Mini Frequency Converter 4056 & 4074 for Aviation

    Key features

    • Input PFC
    • Galvanic isolation (Model 4074)
    • Short-circuit protected
    • MTBUR: 175,000 FH
    • DMC: 0.00165 US$/FH
    • Qualified acc. RTCA / DO160 F / ABD100
    • Low weight and compact dimensions
    • AOG Service

    For Naval Applications

    EUROATLAS AC/AC converters for naval applications complies with the stringent system requirements of MIL-STD-1399. Meeting the size and weight restrictions imposed by narrow shipboard passageways and hatches. The converters feature modular construction and parallel operation of more units with accurate load sharing. EUROATLAS converters offer low life-cycle cost. Their demonstrated reliability is an order of magnitude higher than other static converters.

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