Portable Airfield Lighting

Metalite Aviation Lighting Ltd. is among the market leaders in the design and manufacture of portable airfield lighting, and has been supplying airports worldwide for over 40 years. The offering includes a full range of mobile equipment covering runway and taxiway edge lights, approach lights, PAPIs and obstruction lights. The products are battery and generator powered, and can provide visual and NVG compatible light outputs making them suitable for use in both civilian and military applications. EUROATLAS, based in Bremen, is the official distributor of Metalite’s full product range for the territory of Germany. Various airfield lighting projects have been realized in recent years. For further military or civilian product details, please follow the links below or contact us. 


Runway Threshold End Light LED

Key features

  • Safe operation
  • Easy to use
  • Wide operating temperature range (arctic to desert climates)
  • High reliability
  • Extensive runtime
  • Secure radio remote control
  • Charging and storage for multiple light versions 
  • Road and off-road going trailer                                                                                                 


Metalite civilian products

Metalite military products

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