EUROATLAS UPS solutions are mainly designed for naval and subsea applications. The products fulfil the stringent system requirements of MIL-STD-1399. They are designed to meet the size and weight restrictions imposed by narrow shipboard passageways and hatches. The converters feature modular construction and multi-unit parallel operation with accurate load sharing. EUROATLAS converters offer low life-cycle costs. Their demonstrated reliability is at an order of magnitude higher than that of other converters and UPS solutions. 

Thanks to our experience with the development, qualification and production of power conversion products for mission critical applications, EUROATLAS has an established global customer base, and is a trusted and reliable partner for navies, shipyards, and the oil and gas industry. 


30 kVA Converter / UPS for Surface Vessel, Model: 4079

Key features

  • 3-level inverter
  • High reliability & efficiency
  • Modular design
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • Wide temperature range -10° to +45°C 
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Monitoring and remote control
  • Built-in test equipment
  • ILS (Integrated Logistic Support)

19“ Rackmount 4kW DC-Supply/Charger, 440 V/60 Hz

Key features

  • Design acc. STANAG 1008
  • High reliability
  • Battery management
  • Fault detection
  • 19” Rack mount

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