For naval, aviation and land applications


A reliable and precise electrical source is crucial to ensuring equipment operation and can often make the difference in a life or death situation.

We are a trusted partner for custom specific developments and qualification of power conversion products for air & space, land and sea applications with a worldwide customer base and long-term aftersales support.

Our engineering experts have more than a 1,000 years of experience between them and are trusted by our customers to take designs from initial concept through to production as well as provide “through-life” support.

Power conversion products, such as AC to DC converters, frequency converters, and DC to AC inverters are major components in almost every aircraft today. All the power supplies currently in production have passed flight certification and through the years have achieved a solid reputation for high quality. The airborne product line includes a series of transformer rectifier units – TRUs – ranging from 20 to 300 A for the MRCA “TORNADO”, the Swedish “GRIPEN”, the “TIGER” helicopter, Indian AEW&C and others.

For decades 21 Navies worldwide have relied on our power products which are modular in design, with high efficiency and low lifecycle cost. Since 1962 we have delivered advanced customer specified power converter products for the world’s most advanced naval platforms, such as the: MEKO 200 class frigate, F125 frigate, all German submarine classes, Swedish Submarines, Visby-class Corvette and many others.

For the LEOPARD main battle tank more than 3.800 Frequency Converter (400Hz) were produced and delivered from our Bremen factory. Power converter products we supplied for various different programs like the weapon system ROLAND or the PATRIOT weapon system where Static Frequency Converter 400/50 Hz have been delivered for the command vehicle. Various optronic products we have supplied like the driver night sight periscopes for the CONDOR, BOXER, LEGUAN, FOX 2 and LEOPARD MBT, SCORPION, COMMANDO STINGRAY, BMP. To the German army we supplied the thermal sight of the STINGER man-portable air-defense system.

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